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This interactive web map accesses historic (1936 - 1989) well construction reports (WCRs) maintained by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS). Wells were mapped to the centroid of either a section, quarter section, or quarter-quarter section as recorded on the original WCR. These locations have not been field verified, and errors are very common. The average success rate for finding the WCR for a specific well is only about 50%. Our website has more information about well records.

Please contact us at if you would like to report an error on this site or have questions about the data.

General Steps

1. Enter Location

Search for your area-of-interest using one of the “Find a locality” functions or by panning and zooming the map.

2. Search for Reports

Perform a search to return a list of all the well construction reports in the current map area. Only the first 1000 results are shown on the map and in table. Searches of a large map area will return an incomplete set of records.

3. Results

After performing a search, review the list of reports in the results table. The results are also highlighted on the map. Selecting a table row will show the location of the report on the map.


  • Well records are available in PDF format using links in map popups and the results table.
  • Most well record locations are generalized to the center of sections or quarter-quarter section, so several records may coincide at the same point. In this case a single well symbol will be displayed, but the points are essentially stacked on each other.
  • Because of the density of the point locations, they are displayed on the map only when zoomed to the township level.
  • For more information about townships, ranges, and sections, please see our publication on the public land survey system in Wisconsin.

This website has been superseded by:

Wisconsin DNR Well Construction Information System

Please update your bookmarks, this website will be taken offline in the future.